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Most Frequently Asked Questions

I have included below a few frequently asked questions for your convenience.  If you would like to book an appointment or if you have other questions please contact me at  I will contact you within one to two business days.

For an extra charge you can add engraving, birthstones, or a spinner to your original design selected.


How will I get my charm and how long will my order take?

Just send me an email at to book an appointment in order to take the fingerprint impressions. The appointment takes approximately twenty minutes. And your charm will be ready within 2 weeks.

Is there an age limit on creating fingerprint jewelry?

I have made fingerprint charms for babies (a few days old) and for grandmas and grandpas. One of the grandmas was ninety six years young.I really enjoy fingerprinting babies because they grow so fast and with a charm you can keep the shape forever. Baby's fingerprints can be less visible than toddlers but the shape looks so beautiful!

I have a pet and would like to know if you can do paw prints.

Yes I can make paw prints for pets but the owner has to be present.  The pets can range in size from small to large.  One thing that needs to be taking into consideration is the weight and age of the pet.  When you call we can discuss the details so that the end product is both unique and special to the pet owner.

Can I have a print put on both sides of my fingerprint jewellery?

Yes, I can make a spinner that allows you to turn without taking off the jewelry.  A spinner does cost extra.

Can I put a special date, message or add a birth stone to my charm?

Yes, you can add a birth stone and you have the choice of many fonts. Also the date could be engraved on the side.

What metals do you work with?

I make the charms in sterling silver and gold.

What is the meaning of 925 Sterling Silver?

Silver is alloyed to reduce porosity, eliminating fire scale, and increase the resistance to tarnish.Fine silver (99.9% pure) is too soft and it can bend or break easily. By definition and international agreement sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper or nickel to give strength whilst preserving the malleability of the silver and a high precious metal content - ideal for making fingerprint jewelry.The 92.5% is why jewelry is often stamped with the numbers 925 or .925. is the percentage of pure silver in the piece of jewelry.The 7.5% of other metals used to make sterling silver slow down the tarnishing process.  So it is the best quality to buy which purchasing a piece of jewelry.

All my pieces are created in silver sterling.

Do I need to provide any special care for my charm?

All silver jewelry will tarnish over time. This process is natural but some substances will speed up tarnishing, perfume, soap, hairspray, sun tan lotion and even natural oils from our bodies Also the PH and alimentation affect silver and gold (Especially in warm weather) can tarnish silver quicker.  I work with a special alloy that usually doesn't tarnish.

All jewelry is delicate and susceptible to damage and scratching.  Sterling silver is a relatively soft metal and I recommend that you remove your jewelry (especially 
bangles and charm bracelets) when doing manual work such as housework or gardening. 

To maintain the original condition of your silver jewelry, you should:

- Avoid using commercial silver dips
- Avoid hard contact with other metals because it dent or damage your jewelry
- Avoid going into a chlorine pool

-Polish your pieces regularly using a non-abrasive cleaning cloth. If you see that your jewelry has many scratches then you should contact me and I will professionally polish for you.

If you know that you will not be wearing your charm for many days you should keep it in a Ziploc bag to avoid contact with the air.

Can you send me the sample to take my kid's impression?

No.The most important part of the charm is the fingerprint impression and how it is taken. I use different materials depending on the model and customer. I have been taking fingerprint impressions for the last 15 years and I developed a technique to do it. This is why I need to take the impression to ensure the quality of the piece.


When I order my charm, when is the last time I can make changes to it ?

After you place your order and I start to create the charm it is not possible to make any changes.  They are all handmade and so you need to be certain when you place the order.  The charm is specially made for you and if you change the order I will have to start all over again which means more expense.



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