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Absolute Show at 18 Karat (TORONTO 2014). Organized by Zilbershcmuck Art-Jewellery 10th Anniversary National Juried Exhibition of Fine Jewellery and Metalwork.

Pictures below: Absolute cover book / Cheryl Fraser (Zilberschmuck) and Mariel Pagliai & Bracelet.

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The universe in absolute space, by its own nature is simply perfect; and the stars are the rain of the absolute. This is the source of our limitless dreams. The stars are also forming the word ABSOLUTE in Braille Alphabet, one letter on each link. This piece can be experienced in more than one way; it allows a pure and absolute perfection.

The universe is represented by a blue sky made in enamel on pure silver,gold represents the sun and a pearl represents the moon on the clasp.The Braille stars are made in pure silver and the white dots inside the enamel are more stars, much further away. The underside of the bracelet has been oxidized to show the night sky.


500 Wedding Rings Lark Books New York (2008). Selection of the best International jewellers .

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Best of Worldwide Jewelry Artist (2009). Kennedy Publishing,VA -USA.

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500 Earrings Lark Books New York (2007). Remarkable pieces from the finest contemporary jewelers.

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